New Home Appliance Brews Coffee and Craft Beer!

You read correctly. Coffee and beer! If Pico U isn’t the greatest invention of all time, its creators at least deserve a Nobel Prize or to be knighted by the queen. All-in-all, Pico U has us excited. It’s a single appliance that crafts beer, coffee, tea, kombucha, dry soda, fusion, energy, and health drinks. It’s the world’s first universal brewer. It brews anything and everything.

Coffee snobs will be pleased to know Pico U creates rich and flavorful beverages using precise temperature control. The thermal block takes water from the reservoir and brings it up to a customisable temperature. Water is then distributed evenly over the top of the coffee, first blooming the grounds, then completing the brew for perfect results every time.

With up to 4 stages in one recipe, Pico U can use high heat and flow rates to extract rich flavors and then mellow things out to tease out subtle aromas without overheating delicate ingredients. This powerful feature enables hops to boil while brewing beer and empowers a world of creativity when brewing infused coffees and teas to kombucha and beyond.

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It’s easy to brew craft beer with Pico U thanks to the readily available PicoPaks ingredient bundles. Order online, just like you would with other homebrew kits. PicoBrew Inc. has partnered with hundreds of breweries from around the world for you to recreate exceptional craft beer from the comfort of your home. Pico U brews up to 5L at a time.

Creating your own recipes is easy with the online custom recipe crafter. You can choose from various hops, grains, and unique ingredients to design your own beer.

PicoBrew Inc is funding Pico U on Kickstarter and has so far raised close to $500,000. If you like the idea of a universal brewing appliance, a pledge of approximately AUD $238 will lock one in for a February 2019 launch. Did I mention Pico U has us excited?

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