Newton Espresso Revolutionizes Homemade Espresso

Espresso is loved by coffee drinkers worldwide, but a great espresso is tough to make unless you own an expensive machine—which is where coffee houses and high end restaurants manage to corner the market. There are the espresso machines that come with prepackaged beans and flavors, but those don’t register for true espresso fans, leaving them reliant on a barista to make them the fine espresso they crave on a daily basis. That is, until the dawn of Newton Espresso, a minimalistic espresso machine with a number of other features.

newton espresso coffee maker

For one, Newton Espresso is non-electric, allowing it to make espresso entirely through physical pressure. It is also very lightweight, yet sturdy, and there are no internal pumps or gears that require cleaning and maintenance—only a few parts that are easy to separate from each other and can be washed by hand in minutes. Unlike all other espresso machines, it’s also dead silent, which means an espresso can be made and subsequently enjoyed at any time, in any scenario. The Newton Espresso can also be mounted on the wall so it takes up no counter space—or if it must be placed on the counter, it creates a very minimal counter footprint.

Currently a well-funded Kickstarter, look for Newton Espresso to change the way Espresso is made and consumed worldwide in the near future.

Check it out

newton espresso coffee maker back view

newton espresso coffee maker front view

newton espresso coffee maker side view

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