Nike Innovates Again With the RZN Tour Golf Ball

It’s almost golf season in many parts of the world, as the weather is turning and the summer is approaching. While your game almost certainly hasn’t improved over the winter, there’s no reason why your gear and accessories shouldn’t. Nike has just recently released an impressive new golf ball which combines engineering feats with experience in design to produce an awesome product.

nike rzn tour golf ball platinum

Nike Golf’s latest advancement is the RZN Tour ball, engineered to feel soft without sacrificing distance. The RZN Tour ball utilizes four key components: RZN 4.0, Speedlock X Core, Speedlock Mantle and Flight Suit Cover. These combined technologies help to propel the RZN Tour/Black and RZN Tour/Platinum balls to added yardage and a softer feel, allowing you to crush the ball but still retain a good feel on each strike. Rory McIlroy is using it, and he’s certainly finding success with it, so you really have no excuse not to.

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