Nikka’s Coffey Malt Whisky a Break From Tradition

SPOILER ALERT: You will learn something in the next three minutes that you will get to use. Nikka have a Coffey still, and they’re not afraid to use it. They have two actually; they’ve had them since the sixties at their Miyagikyo distillery, and they’re really pushing boundaries and breaking with tradition. Originally hailing from Ireland in the mid nineteenth century, a Coffey still (also known as a column still) is a highly celebrated design, nowadays generally used for the production of grain spirit only, specifically American whiskeys. Essentially a series of plates stacked on top of each other, it yields a much higher ABV spirit during production than a regular pot still due to the way the vapour condenses more and more the further it travels up the column. Not to be confused with their already available Coffey Grain Whisky, the Coffey Malt is unique in that it is a single malt whisky that has cut ties with tradition and been distilled in a format that makes it incredibly bright and delicate, with a lovely layer of spice not usually associated with Japanese whisky. At less than $100 a bottle it’s a bargain too, definitely worth having on the mantle for when you next have that one mate over who won’t shut up about his last visit to The Baxter Inn.

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