No Hulks Allowed with the MTM Special Ops RAD Watch

Bruce Banner may have been able to turn all those gamma rays into a super power, but in real life, such exposure would be a little more lethal. That’s where the newest watch from MTM Special Ops comes into play. The MTM Special Ops RAD watch doubles as both a watch and a Geiger counter. The watch uses a Geiger-Muller tube to measure harmful levels of ionizing radiation. The counter can track either single-dose gamma ray levels, or cumulative exposure over time. From o.ooo1 to 9999 millisieverts can be tracked by the watch, with dose equivalents up to 4000 microsieverts per hour.

If radiation is a concern for you, simple preset your maximum radiation threshold. When levels are reached, an alarm sounds. The radiation levels are displayed either graphically or on the digital display (the digital display shows dose equivalent rates, accumulated doses, and time). Time is shown either with the analog hour, minute, and second hands or on the digital display.

The watch is made of solid titanium and has a brushed stainless steel finish. It is water resistant up to 330 feet. Radiological technologists, technicians, and professionals will find this watch indispensable, and are the audience this watch was meant for. Only 1500 pieces will be made, so act fast if that’s your field–before you start turning green.

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