Noble by Name, Elite by Nature

The title of an in-ear monitor is one that catches the eye – and in turn, the ear. This, is one of true genius, by the team from Noble. The two-tone red and silver earpiece is a precision machined aluminum housing that’s designed and manufactured in California. Each headphone is hand-crafted and takes a technician about six hours to build. It’s a stunning piece of industrial design. The sound is famed for its precision on both treble and bass, while maintaining a pristine, crisp sound. The Kaiser 10 has 10 balanced armature drivers and impedance is rated at 35 ohms, in what Noble claims “is likely the most coherent sound ever produced by a portable audio product.” The design is many years in the making, it was produced with the help of both Wizard and Kaiser Soze, the name Kaiser 10 is a tribute to the Kaiser Soze brand. A premium product for a premium music experience.

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