We are Obsessed with OK Go’s Music Video, ‘Obsession’

Before now, we best knew OK Go as “the band that did that really creative music video on the treadmills.” While that’s selling them a bit short, it speaks a lot to how memorable the video for Here it Goes Again was, when it came out in 2009.

A bit of research shows that OK Go has routinely been putting out cool music videos with various settings; in a plane, an urban site which they cover in graffiti, wide expanses of land, shot from an aerial point of view, and much more. But now, they’ve finally found the true sequel to their first big music video hit, with Obsession.

In their new music video the band utilizes over 500 printers and an insane amount of paper to create mesmerizing visual effects. As the band plays the new single, pages spit from the printers behind them, starting with blank pages and ending with a wild variety of colors to create a truly impressive display.

Before you get too concerned, all paper used in the production of the music video has been recycled and the proceeds were donated to Greenpeace, a note made in the first 11 seconds of the clip.

If you are prone to seizures, be careful with your viewing, as there are a lot of flashing colors, but click on the link below to see the next great and innovative music video from OK Go.

Check it out

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