One Hundred Inches of Magnitude – The Sony Z9D 4K HDR Android TV

With every TV manufacturer under the sun trying to outdo each other in design simplicity, contrast, colour and how a 4K HDR input is rendered, Sony aren’t afraid to come to the party and add size as a key factor in bringing you a top shelf telly. Although this one probably won’t fit on your top shelf. Or any shelf for that matter. At 100 inches, in fact, it’s so huge it even comes with a floor stand.

There are a lot of technical numbers and figures attached to the specs, all up its name is the Sony Z9D 4K HDR Android TV. The Z series is the next step up from their already kick ass X series, and features the ‘4K X1 Processor Extreme’, a forty per cent increase in performance on the last models. They’re calling their biggest improvement on the technology ‘objects-based HDR remaster’, essentially the processor automatically adjusts the colour and contrast of every object in every frame before it is displayed.

While the price isn’t available yet, the 65” model retails at $6000 USD and the 75” at $10 000 USD, so it’s not going to be a cheap screen to get into the lounge room, but definitely one of the better ways to enjoy your 4K HDR experiences quite literally in a big way.

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sony z9d 4k hdr android tv side view