One Last Drink with the Black Bowmore 50-Year-Old Whisky

Everyone loves some good old whisky, but for those who really love it would appreciate the Black Bowmore 50-Year-Old Whisky. The liquid used to create this is extremely special where it’s been distilled back in 1964 and this is the final drops of it. It has been ageing in Bowmore’s number one vaults, which is the world’s oldest Scotch maturation warehouse. It was initially bottled in 1993 and most recently in 2007.

And now, the final 159 bottles that are part of their fifth release are available for whisky drinkers to enjoy one last hurrah of some Black Bowmore. Each one of these final special bottles are presented in a case made of Scottish oak, featuring silver inlays that representing releases as growth rings of a tree and were designed by Glasgow-based cabinetmaker, John Galvin Design. Bowmore’s master distiller Eddie MacAffer announced his retirement after the release of these bottles and stated that, “This whisky is a tribute to all the craftsmen who have worked at the distillery for the past 50 years, and to the craftsmen who have worked on the package.”

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