No Need to Waste Money on Expensive Blades with the Oscar Razor Subscription Box

Buying razors sucks. They’re expensive, run out too quickly and always require a store trip at the wrong time. Luckily, there are a few companies solving this issue – one such lifehacker is the Oscar Razor Subscription Box. Delivered to your door for just $36 for three months, you’ll receive 12 premium 5-blade razor cartridges to last you for that period (one a week).

And you don’t need to go buy a fancy handle – their attractive matte-black razor handle will be provided free upon sign-up, along with a bonus 150ml OSCAR Natural Shaving Gel and 30ml OSCAR Natural Shaving Oil for quarterly subscribers. Made in Germany with typical quality, the shipping is free. There’s really no reason to keep doing it the traditional way when Oscar makes it this easy.

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