Outback Swag Will Have You Go Camping With, Erm, Swag

As any Aussie will tell you, a swag beats a tent any day. They’re easier to carry, more comfortable, you don’t need to haul around a sleeping bag and mattress as well, and, most importantly, ‘Once a jolly tentman camped by a billabong’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. An Australian invention, a swag is essentially a pimped-out sleeping bag that has a soft foam base, so it offers warmth, security from the elements and a mattress all-in-one.

outback swag carry bag

In recent times, swags have developed to include more of a canopy with zips and flaps, so they’re more secure and allow more space inside for the user, but still with the advantage of being able to simply roll it up and the end of a peaceful night’s sleep in the bush and jog on to the next adventure, without having to carry poles and pegs. Up until now, American adventurers hadn’t enjoyed the down-under innovation and were still using tents.

outback swag sleeping tent

Outback Swags was started after an Aussie spent an uncomfortable night on the hard floor of a tent in Virginia and decided it was about time that the US enjoyed one of our better ideas. These swags are a bit larger than what you might have come to expect, but still incorporate all the great features you would expect from thrifty down-under innovation and will ensure a perfect night’s sleep by the bush fire every time.

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