Pack More Cool Stuff With The Kyboka Cart

At Man of Many, we love featuring items that make enjoying the best of the outdoors possible. Whether it’s a fancy new tent, a tricked-out custom 4×4 or any one of the many random items generally found in a gentleman’s camping rucksack, we reckon it’s worth showing off and sharing adventure-centric paraphernalia with the greater public.

 cool stuff with the kyboka cart back side

This Kyboka Cart is a classic example of something you won’t know what you did without – it is pretty much been made for a long Australian beach session. Constructed from anodised aluminium and stainless steel, it’s finished in tarpaulin grade canvas and comes with optional add-ons (including Continental tyres – just in case you were planning on somehow racing it.)

It’s kinda like a nanny trolley on steroids. A nanny trolley that can fit an esky, tackle, lunch, a portable speaker and still have room for a beach towel or two. Or three. With a list of handy applications too long to mention here, its other excellent feature is that it folds down completely flat for easy transport and takes less than a minute to assemble, making it just about one of the best transport solutions for on-foot adventures we’ve seen.

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