Pash and Dash – The Trojan Dash Button

It’s the great fear of any casually-dating bachelor: that you’ll get a girl back to your place only to discover you’re out of condoms. Faced with scrabbling around in your sock drawer for a possible stray rubber or a 2am moody-killing trip to the nearest 24-hour convenience store, it’s a situation no man wants to find himself in.

Now, thanks to Amazon and Trojan condoms, those days are over and you’ll never get caught unprotected again. The Trojan Dash Button is a small device that uses Wi-Fi to let you reorder your favourite product at the push of a button. After pairing the button with your product of choice using the Amazon app, you can stock up as soon as you see you’re running low and the goods will be delivered to your door.

trojan condoms dash button

It’s available for a range of household products, but there’s no denying the appeal of a convenient condom supply. Say goodbye to those awkward shopping trips where you stack your basket with unnecessary products simply to hide the fact you’re just there to buy condoms.

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