Paww WaveSound 2: Quality, Style and Comfort Provide a Great Listening Experience

We featured the Paww SoundBox a few weeks back, noting its excellent styling, design and sound quality. Paww is a small company but they are certainly making waves among audiophiles all over the world. They do not just make sound boxes – the WaveSound 2 is an excellent over ear, noise-cancelling headphone that provides a great listening experience at a good value ($200).

The wireless headphones offer patented active noise cancellation technology and Near Field Communications (NFC) or Bluetooth connectivity, with a range up to 60 feet. They’re powered by a replaceable battery, providing up to 36 hours of continuous listening and active noise canceling. And these claims are not just conjecture – in tests, they certainly hold up to be true. I’ve been bumping tunes through the WaveSound 2s for over a week now and have yet to have to recharge anything. The 60 foot range is also quite true. At work, you can wander the office without breakup, and at home you can go from the kitchen to the family room without losing sound. Another nice feature is that when the battery runs out, you can simply plug the headphones in and use them as traditional, wired headphones.

Overall, the sound quality is quite good, with deep bass and excellent clarity. The noise-cancelling is effective, although I find myself often not using it as the normal listening mode provides strong enough quality to cancel out most noise anyways. And you can expect to hang on to these headphones for year, as they are made of sturdy zinc alloy. The headphones are very comfortable, look great and sounds great, making them a quality package for just about $200.

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