Pen+ Ellipse is Moleskine Bridging Tradition and the Future

Pen+ Ellipse is the new smartpen from popular notebook brand Moleskine which combines the immediacy of expressing yourself on the paper with the advantages of digital creativity.

To reach its full potential, you will need to pair Pen+ Ellipse with Moleskine’s Paper Tablet or Smart Planner and its app on iOS, Android or Windows 10. Once your house is in order, you will find it’s a pen that draws and writes, then uploads your content to digital devices in real time. Or if you’re trying to jot down notes on the run, the pen will save and store all of your output until you are ready to connect to your digital device.

moleskine smart writing pen

Pen+ Ellipse shares the rectangular silhouette of Moleskine’s Classic Pens with rounded, soft edges, a nod to the design of the timeless black notebooks. The cap brings together functionality with contemporary design and clips to the cover of any notebook.

Pen+ Ellipse is available now for USD $179 and includes an ink refill, USB cable for charging and a traditional Moleskine notebook. It’s not cheap, and once you add the paper tablet, things get even more pricey, although Pen+ Ellipse and the Moleskine smart writing system could be incredibly useful for freelancers and creatives always on the move. Time will tell.

If you’re looking for a more traditional writing solution try the Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen. Or if Moleskine isn’t your thing, here are the 11 best notebooks from other stationary brands.

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