A Pen That Might Actually Be Mightier Than the Sword – The Nova Minimal Pen

Consider the pen. It has one task to perform and yet so many fall short of performing that task. On the other hand, you get what you pay for so if you’re doling out a few bucks for ten pack of cheap pens then expect possible leakage, a few dummies that dry up almost instantly, and plastic that snaps like a twig. Now consider the Nova pen. It takes a durable, minimalist approach to the modern day writing utensil and exudes the kind of craftsmanship that inspires absolute loyalty. The Nova could very well become one of your favourite pieces of gear along with that sharp watch and new phone.

the nova minimal pen different style

What makes the Nova so special? A few things, actually. For starters, it flaunts a polished monochromatic colour scheme that doesn’t get bogged down by logos. Additionally, each Nova is made using one of three materials: aircraft grade aluminium for the light weight model, grade 2 titanium for the middle weight model, and (if Nova exceeds a certain goal on Kickstarter) uncoated quality brass for the heavy weight. Therefore you should expect a pen that won’t snap the next time you explode in a fit of rage and simply need to break something, which ironically might just make you angrier but you’ll simply have to deal with it. Also, each pen is refillable with any standard Parker-format refills and the majority of Euro-format refills. That means the Nova is a keeper in the true sense of the word because it will never run dry as long as you keep replacing the ink.

the nova minimal pen writes well

But we’ve saved the best feature for last. Our favourite thing about the Nova is that each one comes equipped with a unique adapter that allows it to convert into a rollerball, ballpoint, fineliner, gel, or space pen depending on the kind of refill you use. So while the average pen has a short lifespan and uses cheap materials, the Nova by comparison is sturdy, sleek, and brilliantly adaptive. Now that’s a freaking pen!