Your Own Pen Pal – Ystudio Brassing Collection

Timeless Taiwanese design company, Ystudio values minimalism and this is spoken through their simple stationary. In this latest collection, which includes a ballpoint pen, sketching pencil and ruler, each product is manufactured by scorching heat of one thousand degrees with natural materials. They are made of brass and topped on with black paint. As they are used, the black will wear away to reveal the underlying brass, which will be unique to each user. For those who don’t like the waiting game, Ystudio have been considerate and attached a piece of sandpaper to speed up the process.

ystudio brassing pen pal on the floor

The natural materials allow these stately stationary pieces to age beautifully and showcase their individual imperfections that give off an idiosyncratic look. No pen will have a pal. It will be each person’s personalised pen. So pick this pen up and get creative with this one of a kind paragon.

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