PHILIPS Portable Survival Radio: When Safety and Aesthetics Meet

In response to the devastation suffered around the world due to natural disasters and unforeseen catastrophes, Philips has produced a portable survivor radio capable of providing access to the latest intelligence, when you need it the most… and much more.

philips portable survival radio front

Philips didn’t set out to just design a means of tuning in, and you can tell that they surpassed that expectation. Their new device contains access to a radio, torch, siren, solar power, built in micro USB connection, and even a self-powered hand crank capable of producing enough battery to charge a mobile phone. There even is a non-solar powered version for those traveling to locations without access to sunlight.

philips ae1125 portable radio

While Philips certainly made their product identifiable as a survival kit, it also looks sleek and sexy, providing a positive aesthetic to what should become an everyday-carry for those in dangerous environments. Philips masterfully blended looks with functionality to make an attractive and effective tool.

Check it out

philips ae1125 portable radio torch

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