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A man shaving his beard with Philips Series 6000 shaver

Philips Shaver Series 6000: the Modern Man’s Secret Weapon

Legend has it, Ernest Hemmingway once emerged from the Ugandan jungle after surviving two plane crashes brandishing a bunch of bananas and a bottle of gin. With a poorly bandaged arm, he reportedly quipped with a wry smile “My luck, she is running very good.” It’s stories like this that landed the American writer the enviable title of ‘manliness personified’; but while Hemmingway’s adventures are legendary by stature, they are simply that; legend. Nowadays, the needle has shifted. Sure, walking out the jungle after surviving imminent death would be unquestionably manly in any era, but here in the 21st century, we constantly find ourselves asking the question, what does it truly mean to be a man?

The simple truth is Hemmingway’s burly, moustached embodiment of masculinity isn’t one size fits all. The key to unlocking masculinity in 2020 is confidence; the freedom to be who you are, whether that be bearded, burly, babyface or otherwise. Grooming legends Philips believes in giving men the tools to express themselves however they see fit. What’s more, the brand knows that times change and attitudes shift, so you need a flexible and versatile toolkit to match. 

Wet or dry shave, the new Philips Shaver Series 6000 is one piece of equipment that offers a helping hand wherever you are in your life’s journey.

Philips Shaver Series 6000

Breaking the mould, the Philips Shaver Series 6000 puts the power in the palm of your hand. Offering a chance to escape from the everyday routine, this innovative grooming essential delivers a smooth shave without the friction. Each of the shaving rings features a special coating that is designed to reduce abrasion on your skin, creating an effortless shave in just a few strokes. Forget pushing through the pain of skin-irritation in the hope of appearing more rugged, it’s time to start doing what feels right. 

With Philips, sensitivity is no longer a dirty word. Unlike the stereotypes of yesteryear, the brand wants to give men the freedom to express their emotions and take care of the way they look. For those seeking a milder ride, the Shaver Series 6000 offers a gentler rotation speed setting for better skin comfort. Forgo the antiquated need for speed and opt for life in the smooth lane, and not just for yourself, either. Remember those shaving lessons you copped from your dad back in the day? Chances are, he’s still using the same safety razor and bay rum combination, locked in an old mindset and hemmed in by routine. It’s time to break the cycle.

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Power Balance

But being a modern man is all about balance. With sensitivity, there must come power, and the Philips Shaver Series 6000 has it in spades. The shaver cops five-directional Flex Heads with five independent movements that follow the contours of your face. The MultiPrecision Blades lift up long and short hairs, ensuring there is minimal pull and less room for ingrown issues. 

It’s a fine line between sensitivity and power, something we’ve all been missing in our daily routines. The modern man isn’t exactly Hemmingway’s gin-guzzling, jungle-farer, instead bravery takes a different form in 2020. The true essence of manliness isn’t being emotional suppressed and overly-aggressive, it’s being true to yourself, your family and your future. You could keep pulling at your face with the same rusty razor you’ve been using for years, or you could update like the modern man you are. Don’t put up the repetitive pain and irritation you’ve been dealing with, do what feels right and follow your own path. After all, you’re a man of many tastes, not a one-trick pony. 

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