Philips Shaver Series 9000

The 9000 shaver series from Philips is the ultimate shaving experience. The GyroFlex 3D system follows every contour of your face and shaves every hair in just a few strokes with its UltraTrack heads. The shaving head has 3 specialized tracks for the various length of hair that accumulate on your face. The dual blade system built into the Philips 9000 series lifts hairs to cut comfortably below skin level for a closer shave. It features the Aquatec wet and dry seal so you can have a refreshing wet shave without the worry that your electric shaver will choke and die. 

three specialized track shaver

After testing this baby out, I was quite happy with its performance. It really delivered an even, close shave without irritation or discomfort. The silent motor is handy for those early morning shaves when you don’t want to awaken the entire household. And if you’re lazy like me, you must get the SmartClean PLUS self-cleaning dock. It cleans dries, charges and lubricates you shaver all in the one unit. 

Check it out 

track precision blade system

Key Features 

Travel lock 

V-Track Precision Blade System 

Anti-slip grip 

LED Display 

AquaTec Wet & Dry 

Contour Detect Technology 

 contour detect technology shaver

travel look electric shaver

anti slip grip shaver