Pillbox Makes Heritage Bats for the Stylish Baseball Fan

There are a few products that pop up which aren’t in our typical wheelhouse, but retain the same high-quality design and craftsmanship we look for. Baseball bats, for example, wouldn’t be something you’d normally expect to come across. However, Pillbox Bat Company is doing something very cool with their unique bats and the word needs to get out.

pillbox baseball bat on the floor

The heritage inspired baseball bats launched in February, just in time for the build-up to the 2016 MLB season. Each Pillbox baseball bat is crafted in the USA and hand-painted in Winona, Minnesota, so you always know the roots. While the bats do look great, they are also game ready, with a solid maple construction. Each model is 34 inches long and emblazoned with the Pillbox Bat Co. mark just above the grip. Whether you plan to hang it on the wall or lather up the pine tar and smack a few out of the park, Pillbox is the best way to do it in style.

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pillbox old glory baseball bat

pillbox three strikes baseball bat

pillbox baseball bat blue

pillbox baseball bat navy

pillbox three strikes again baseball bat