Play With Your Food – Complements Modular Chocolate

Sydney-based design agency Universal Favourite and Bakedown Cakery teamed up to create tasty chocolates using 3D design and printing. Universal Favourite originally had the idea to make the modular chocolates as a way of saying thank-you to its clients at the end of the year. They wanted to create something outside of the box for their clients. Advances in 3D printing have made it the future of food design. The project turned out so well that the two companies are now considering making their creation available for sale.

modular chocolates combine form and flavour

The Complements Modular Chocolates combine form and flavour. Shaped like small steps, these candies can be seamlessly stacked just like legos to create an endless array of unique colours and flavours. These combinations amp up the flavours of these treats. You can pair flavours together to make surprisingly sophisticated flavour combinations, like matcha and pistachio. Or, you can go with something a little more traditional such as vanilla and shortbread. Other flavour options include cookies and cream, single origin dark, lemon, blackcurrant, fairy floss, cherry, watermelon and strawberry. The flavours were developed by Bakedown Cakery while the colours, finishes and patterns of the chocolates were created by both companies.

chocolates are presented specially designed box

The chocolates are presented in a specially-designed box that is decorated similarly to the colours and textures of the chocolates inside.

If you are partial to chocolate binges or want to give a sugary gift that pushes the boundaries of design, then the Complements Modular Chocolates are the perfect treat for you.

Check it out

colour of modular chocolates

red colour chocolates

packaging the modular chocolates

colourful design chocolates

modular chocolates flavour


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