PlayStation Now a PC Reality for Gamers

With technological crossovers happening in just about every other format on every other platform, it was only a matter of time before you could play your favourite PS4 games on a PC or Mac. That time has finally come with the introduction of PS Now, a gaming platform designed to run on Windows 7.

While the excitement of hitting a leaderboard from your laptop might be one thing, the best feature we can think of from this is Sony’s introduction of their new DualShock 4 Wireless USB Adapter, which for less than $30 USD will allow you to connect a regular PS4 controller to your computer, meaning you don’t have to learn a whole new set of keyboard shortcuts to jump straight into playing your favourite games.

ps 2 pendrive

The app is about to be rolled out across some parts of Europe before being officially launched in North America (and fingers crossed Australia) at an undisclosed later date. While nothing will replace the high-speed, high-adrenaline feeling of your favourite RPG turned up to 11 on a home theatre system, it’s great to see the availability of PS3 and PS4 games expanding, and is yet another example of Sony staying ahead of the curve.

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