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inventery pocket fountain pen

Inventery Pocket Fountain Pen is in a Class of its Own

Part cavalier, part contraption, the Pocket Fountain Pen is an instrument that’s as refined as the writing it produces. Created by Californian design firm Inventery, the Pocket Fountain Pen is shockingly elegant. It’s made from minimally machined pieces of raw metal, each precise to a fraction of a millimetre. Additionally, the modular assembly makes it one of the most functional pens we’ve ever seen.

The Pocket Fountain Pen presents a 100mm barrel with a cap that screws on the back of the body to extend its overall length. The pen’s modular design means you can switch caps to a stylus and instantly begin working on computer or tablet touchscreens. You can opt for a clip or clipless design and even try your hand at double-ended writing. Add a keychain or take the pen apart and carry it in your pocket – hence its name. The Pocket Fountain Pen weighs just 39g.

inventery four pockets fountain pen

The pen’s traditional fountain cap utilises a Schmidt FH241 nib with a wingspan of 7mm, crafted from stainless steel with an iridium point for maximum durability. The nib comes in black stainless steel for the Black Oxide and Brushed Chrome-finished pens, and plated gold for the Raw Brass pen.

With the Schmidt Cartridge-Rollerball System, the 0.5 point ballpoint tip will never need to be discarded, using instead disposable ink cartridges. Each pen includes 9 cartridges.

To reduce waste and streamline the inking process, Inventery offers an Extender Kit with a Schmidt Refillable K8 Converter. The Pocket Fountain Pen with Extender Kit is made with two nickel plated bands and a crystal clear, refillable ink reservoir. The kit also adds 28mm to the pen’s length.

inventery pockets fountain pen and cape

From its range of stationary, its clear Inventery has an obsession with simplicity, with pure forms and seamless objects. If you obsess over similar things, the Pocket Fountain Pen is perfect for you. The Pocket Fountain Pen is built to last a lifetime. Inventery is so sure of its products that they are all backed by a lifetime warranty.

You can buy the Pocket Fountain Pen now with a Brass, Onyx Black or Brushed Chrome finish. The pens are priced from US$150. If you’re looking for a pen that’s just as refined but simpler to use, add Inventery’s Mechanical Pen to your desk or shirt pocket.

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