Pocket Protector – Tactica Talon

The Talon multi-tool from Tactica brands itself as putting a “workbench in your pocket” and a “revolution in your hand”. To reach such heights of hyperbolic glory the Talon utilizes a military grade polymer composite that’s as strong as die cast metal but much lighter and also cheaper to make. Tactica passes those savings onto you and your versatile lifestyle with this affordable accessory that will turn you into a walking solution for any manageable problem and won’t cause your pockets to sag in the meantime.

pocket protector tactica talon flat hex driver

Perusing the list of over 20 tools included in the Talon does make one wonder if that promise of putting a workbench in your pocket isn’t an overstatement. Among those tools are a bottle opener, a box cutter, a ruler, a Philips and Flat Hex driver, and a hex socket. All that in a nifty, preciously light slab of polymer that won’t scratch your phone or get jangled up with your keys. Move over, Swiss Army Knife.

tactica talon screw opener

The Talon represents a modern day carry that looks sharper than the competition and costs less. This is perfect accessory for when you’re out biking or hitting the slopes and everything in between. Even if you’re not a thrill-seeker the Talon offers a slew of handy functions for those ideal moments that allow you to step up to the plate. You know the moments we’re talking about, like when a female friend can’t get the cap off her bottle of beer, or where a young damsel’s life is at stake and only a Philips Driver can save her (hey, you never know). Buy the Talon, clasp it to your keyring and be the hero.

tactica talon in the hand