A Positive Cup of Coffee

Written in collaboration with Nespresso

When it comes to enjoying the luxuries of modern life there’s never been more emphasis on pairing convenience with an eco-conscious outlook than there is at this very moment. In fact according to recent studies one third of all millennial consumers favour brands that take a sustainable approach toward their products and frequently give back to the local community. On a larger scale, 64% of global consumers make a conscious effort to have a positive impact on the environment, however they’re not necessarily willing to sacrifice convenience in order to reduce their carbon footprint. That leaves brands with the task of finding new ways to conserve energy and reduce waste while not sacrificing any of the conveniences their customers love.

positive cup off coffee sip

For a great example of a major brand encouraging customers to take part in environmentally friendly behaviour, look no further than Nespresso. 13 years ago, they initiated the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program which was the first milestone in their sustainability journey. This work, which continues to this day, is encapsulated in a program called “The Positive Cup” which works to reduce the environmental impact of their products through responsible coffee sourcing, farmer welfare, carbon reduction initiatives and recycling programs. Now just this month Nespresso has kicked the program up a notch with a new recycling initiative that pairs them with Australia Post to deliver consumers a new tier of convenient eco-consciousness.

positive cup coffee sip side view

Every day millions of drinkers enjoy Nespresso coffee capsules. While the capsules are already recyclable, and there are several options available to recycle, the new initiative allows for consumers to put their used coffee capsules in satchels and send them to Nespresso for recycling.

australia letter post booth

The recycling satchels can be dropped at any post office or post box within the Australia Post network. That means over 19,000 locations to send back your aluminium capsules for recycling. 18 Nespresso Boutiques also double as collection hubs where you can drop off your used capsules, and over 300 participating florists serve as drop-off locations as well. The satchels themselves can be obtained via the Nespresso Club, online or at any Nespresso Boutique. For businesses or organisations that go through copious amounts of java per day, free programs have already been implemented to take capsules off their hands in bulk.

Now before you go thinking that your fresh coffee capsules might end up with some stranger’s previous grounds stuck to the inside, allow us to elucidate on the process in more detail. First the capsules are collected. Then the capsules are sent to a special recycling plant where the aluminium is separated from the coffee grounds. That aluminium is then broken down and compacted into bricks and then sent back into the aluminium industry. The aluminium is smelted and then turned into new products. The coffee grounds are sent to an industrial compost facility and turned into compost.

nespresso parcel post on the table

The great thing about aluminium is that it’s infinitely recyclable and so as long as you keep recycling your capsules, Nespresso will keep redistributing the reusable material into the marketplace. Don’t forget that you can obtain a satchel from a Nespresso Boutique, online or through a Nespresso Club Service Centre, over 19,000 Australia Post offices or boxes. Alternatively, you can bring your used capsules back in a bag of your choice to one of the 18 Nespresso Boutiques or 300 florist collection points nationwide.

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The Positive Cup shows that Nespresso is committed to sustainability, so don’t just throw away those empty capsules, get a satchel, load it up and do your part. This is an opportunity for all those involved to draw an unambiguous line in the sand between luxury and laziness.