Push Your Limits with the Expanded Nike Metcon Range

Athletes take notice: the Nike Metcon range, known for its strength and stability, is expanding with the new Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit and Nike Metcon 3 that you can be sure will outperform whatever you currently wear. The all-new Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit is designed for athletes who seek a well-balanced workout by focusing on both strength drills and cardio. The Nike Flyknit provides a lighter, more flexible one-to-one fit with integrated Flywire and Flyknit at the middle that helps lock the foot in place for running, cutting, jumping and lifting.

the expanded nike metcon range

The Nike Metcon 3 supports the high-intensity training of champion competitors or the hopefuls out there looking to make a mark. The Metcon 3 is designed with a flat and strong platform, delivering stability for squats, box jumps and explosive lifts. It also has a firm heel to handle the rigours of lifting, yet is softer and more flexible in the forefoot to provide greater cushioning that allows for smooth sailing through the toughest power circuits. Unfortunately you won’t be scoring a pair of either for Christmas. The Metcon 3 releases online January 6. The DSX Flyknit is available January 2.

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the expanded nike metcon range nic designed