Put Your Dog to Sleep With Casper

I love getting to write about quality dog products. Aside from the fact that I’m a dog person, dog products are too often superfluous bits of tat that correctly get a bad rap for being a waste of a human’s hard earned dollars, usually just to put Pumpkin or Tinkerbell in a diamond encrusted collar that they’ll never know they’re wearing. Dog’s are man’s best friend, and don’t need flashy jewellery or cute outfits to love us back.

casper dog sleep comfortable

One thing they do need though is a comfortable place to sleep, and US mattress manufacturer Casper have honed in on this very astute fact, and applied their expertise to making the perfect mattress for doggy daydreaming. Its soft and durable, with loads of extra fabric on top for that ‘digging’ that all dogs do before they nap, and large foam bolsters on the sides so dogs can really get in tight and snuggle in. In three different sizes and colours, it’ll match your pooch and your pad and if Rover isn’t a fan, they’ll take it back after 100 days, no matter what condition it’s in. Seems like a pretty sweet deal to this dog lover.

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casper dog sleeping