Little Book Whiskey is Beam’s Latest Delicious Offering

Don’t let the flash and glamour of a big named brand fool you, they still churn out some proper decent whiskey. Taking the Noe family name further into the booming whiskey market, eighth generation distiller Freddie Noe is launching The Little Book series using ‘The Easy’ as an introduction. The family lineage may be traced along any back bar hosting a solid collection. You’ll find Jim (Beam) and Booker and Fred all up there with their eponymous whiskeys. It was time for Freddie to step out from the stills and present us with a very small and rare release.

little book whisky glass and tray

To break it down, blended bourbon or rye are cut with neutral grain spirits. Whiskey raconteur, David Wondrich, believes it’d be cutting down a perfectly good product with vodka. It’s like ‘brinner’, it’s just not time for breakfast. Not having a bar of that, Freddie combines a 13 year old corn whiskey, a Kentucky Straight bourbon, a rye and a malt whiskey with the principles that there be no colour, neutral spirits, or favouring added. Boasting itself as a turn key for whiskey drinkers without suffering integrity, ‘The Easy’ carries the usual caramel and vanilla palette being raised from rich, American oak. A flash of spice from the rye and a solid core and lengthy backbone may stir a few malt junkies from their tender precious favourites.

The American release date is set for October, but don’t expect these bottles to come by easy. ‘The Easy’ will be in hot demand, with allocations already going out to affiliated bars. Off-premise bottleshops may get a few small allocations, making this whiskey something to be treasured and shared only amongst the family.

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