The Rapha X SILCA Tool Kit Is an Essential for Cyclists

For cyclists, no other tool is more important to own than a hex key set. These maintenance tools are among the most basic, yet useful components in your bike repair tool kit. Forget about a cheap multi-tool; you need a good set of hex keys in your tool kit if you are serious about cycling.

the rapha x silca tool

Rapha Cycling Club and cycling product manufacturer SILCA teamed up to produce a limited-edition hex set for cyclists called the Rapha X SILCA Tool Kit This set is based on the HX-One Premium Tool Kit also made by SILCA. The limited-edition tool kit includes everything that you need to make minor bike repairs, including 2mm-10mm heat-treated steel hex keys, ten driver bits and a ¼-inch bit adapter.

All of the hex keys in this set have a durable satin chrome steel body. This makes sure that they have a good fit with hex fasteners and bolts. It also makes them less likely to round out your screw heads. The hex keys were treated with a special red polymer grip coating. This coating provides excellent grip and strength.

the rapha x silca tool box

The keys are housed in a custom walnut box. The box was inlaid with a special RCC club crest. It features an exclusive magnetic closure system that allows it to be opened and closed with just one hand. The tools are each housed in custom slots. They click into place in their respective channels. This helps ensure that the keys are locked into place, so they don’t fall out of the slot and get lost.

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