The Rare Beauty of the 1952 Ferrari 342 America

Look any Ferrari is an amazing Ferrari and the fact that few people except for really snooty car people who probably work for other luxury car companies is testament to that in and of itself. However, within the category of Ferrari itself, there are some models that are obviously better then others, some that are more sought-after, primarily because of their luxury and their rich history. So if ranking Ferraris was something we actually wanted to go about doing, the 1952 Ferrari 342 America Cabriolet by Vignale would probably be in the top 3 – if not the number one most desired model out of this renowned luxury car brand.

front side ferrari 342 car

This one pictured here was the very first of six models of 342’s ever built, as they were example cars meant to be offered exclusively to Ferrari’s very best clients, namely King Leopold of Belgium and Enzo Ferrari himself. With a 2,650mm wheelbase meant to accommodate a 200 horsepower Lampredi V12 engine it had the tremendous power Ferraris are known for, but with the rounded body styling and convertible top reminiscent of a classic Mercedes, it also had the luxury of a touring sedan.

open roof of ferrari 342 car

Like an endangered beast, these 342s have rarely if ever actually been seen driving around. So just seeing one in real life, outside of the pictures on this page, is a life experience for a car enthusiast.

Check it out

bumpers of ferrari 342 car

inside view of ferrari 342 car

headlights of ferrari 342 car

auburn speedster of ferrari 342 car

wheel of ferrari 342 car

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