Reach New Heights with So iLL’s Climbing Shoe

Climbing and hiking is hard enough without the perfect shoes. So why make it any more difficult on yourself? So iLL has spent three years coming up with their perfect climbing shoes and you can snag a pair now on their Kickstarter which is raising a ton of funding. When diving further into the product, it is easy to see why.

Over 1200 people have already pre-ordered the shoes and the campaign has broken records as the largest “climbing” crowd-funding event ever (the campaign is over 1240% funded). This cool new collection was inspired from a mashup of vintage running shoes, retro soccer shoes and bowling shoes, with a flair of retro style. The extremely impressive outsole rubber was sourced from non-slip shoes originally built for the US Navy Seals; if it is good enough for the Seals, it should work for you.

Check it out

so ill climbing shoes different parts


so ill climbing shoe black feature


so ill climbing shoe wearing foot