Real Marble Notebook Journal… Is Made of Real Marble

Every man can use a great minimalist notebook. However, in the market there can be some repitition – lots of nice looking, well designed notebooks are out there. One great way to differentiate? Make it out of real marble. That is exactly what the team at Mikol Marmi have done with their new Nero Marquina Notebook Journal.

real marble black and white notebook on floor

The marble is 0.8mm thick (thinner than a chewing gum) and then reinforced. The end result is an incredibly attractive cover that provides the beauty and elegance of natural stone, while reducing the usual negative effects that could be associated with the weight and fragility. It looks like a high-end kitchen, and feels like a few pieces of paper. This notebook is truly made for those who will appreciate and value each entry, rather than simply tossing a notebook aside and losing track. It’s not a stretch to say this is the most interest notebook we know of right now.

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real marble black and white notebook on table