Realise Design Possibilities with the Outside House by FLOAT

Building Voices recently had a design competition that hosted 111 visionaries from the Hawaii and the contiguous United States. They were submitted to the competition which was organized by the University of Hawaii School of Architecture.

The competition centered on a single stage seeking to identify innovative solutions to address Hawaii’s unique geographic location, cultural richness, global visibility, and ecological variance. After much consideration and many impressive designs, UH was able to choose a winner; Outside House by FLOAT.

men and women on float outside house stair

Outsdie House is a design that takes full advantage of the space it has, while understanding the constraints it must exist in. The two small pavilions you can see on either side, “Mauka” and “Makai,” structure space for living outside on an agricultural plot in northern Maui.

The simplicity of the design is also its genius. Both platforms are demountable and can be lifted by two people. Additionally, they can be erected without heavy machinery and easily bolted into place

The Outside House doesn’t lack in its efficiency either. Fitted with rainwater collectors, solar panels, and a composting toilet, this house can be totally self-sufficient. This unique integration into the ecological system is the way of the future and Outside House once again shows that it is ahead of its time.

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