Reigning Champ One for One Soccer Ball

Like soccer? … Yeah? Get out!

You’re still here. Do you love Football? Okay, let’s talk balls… footballs.

If you’re serious about ‘The Beautiful Game,’ then you need some beautiful balls- and that’s exactly what Reigning Champ Soccer Balls are. Beautiful. Balls.

If you’ve ever been in a soccer program, chances are about 50/50 that your life is plagued with worn out, shabby balls that are either overused, poorly made, or maybe even- sometimes… even though it pains me to say it, rubber. (Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to wash my mouth).

Kiss all your shabby soccer ball woes goodbye with these handcrafted, durable, top-notch soccer balls from Reigning Champ. Not only do these balls stand up to punishment, but they look good whilst doing it, a bonus for any ball that’s born to be kicked. Plus, the high friction exterior helps ensure that it will go in the direction you intend it to, given you’ve got any skill.

These high quality, custom soccer balls come in size 5, (the best size, surely). They’re available in either black or white and can be branded with the contrasting “One for One Reigning Champ” logo and lettering. Each Reigning Champ Soccer Ball is shipped deflated, (so as not to put any undue stress on the material before you get your first kicks in). Each shipping package includes a custom Reigning Champ mesh bag with the company’s logo on it. And because this is part of their “One for One” program, with each purchase of a Reigning Champ Soccer Ball, Reigning Champ will donate a ball to a local community sports program somewhere in North America. Lovely.

These top notch balls retail at $29 USD.

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