Reigning Champ X Spalding Limited Edition Basketball

Reigning Champ have collaborated with Spalding to create the One for One. The One for One ball is a limited edition release, purposed to encourage youths in the North American community to get off their laptops and gaming consoles, and be active and healthy. The Reigning Champ X Spalding ball has a black rubber cover with white splatter detailings around the ball, and comes with custom ‘One for One – Reigning Champ’ lettering. The One for One comes in the official NBA size (9.5-9.85 inches), and can be used on both indoor and outdoor courts. They also throw in a custom mesh bag for the ball. It isn’t just about the looks or the customisation though. For every one of these custom Spalding balls sold, Reigning Champ donates one basketball to a community sport program in North America. A Spalding crafted ball with an urban-street look, it’s hard for the avid collector or eager baller to say no.

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reigning champ x spalding limited edition basketball


reigning champ x people playing basketball


reigning champ x basketball bag


reigning champ two basketball