Australia’s First Powdered Energy Drink – Reize

REIZE has just landed on our shores as a new powdered energy drink with an energy kick that will blow your head off. Besides providing a serious boost, it is also portable and costs much less than any of the other energy drinks out in the market today. We loved the tastes, being similar to Red Bull with a dash of Coca-Cola and there’s definitely a few ingredients packed into this little packet, but the good news is it is all natural vitamins and nutrients. Best yet, it is sugar free.

Being a product of Australia, they support athletes of all categories through Australian and New Zealand including NZ free skier Nick Rapley. We’ve featured a few of these legends for you below.

Skater Nathan Watson was born and bred in Sydney and has some serious talent making him an up and comer to look out for.

The super-talented Tim Laidlaw from Melbourne comes from an all skiing family but decided to rebel and snowboard at age 7. He’s now grown into one of Australia’s best Slopestyle boarders and a name that you will be hearing a lot more of in the future.

Marti “Moose” Paradisis is a Tassy surfer that constantly pushes the limits at some of Tasmania’s most fearsome spots. His big wave accolades and awards are extensive and have earned him the respect of every big wave surfer in Australia.

nathan watson skate

For more athletes stories head over to the REIZE site. Sleep when you’re dead.

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tim laidlaw snowboard