Ride Smooth with The Rolling Fix

Cyclists in Sydney, pay attention, because what you’re about to read is going to change your relationship with your bike and how you care for it completely. The Rolling Fix have a new spin on bicycle repair services – namely, you don’t even have lug your bike to a shop to have it fixed, the expert mechanics come to you! The Rolling Fix are the first entirely mobile bike mechanic service which means less hustle and bustle or week long waiting times and more doing what you do best, hitting the streets on a smooth ride.

The boys behind The Rolling Fix adore (adore is probably not strong enough a word) bicycles unconditionally and have an intricate knowledge of all models – cruisers, racer bikes, vintage bikes. If you can ride it, they can fix it. The service also builds on top of the standard mandatory fix. You can schedule regular check-ups, custom improvements as well as requesting a completely custom bike be built in your name. Booking your bike in for a fix is easy via The Rolling Fix website with a few simple details about model.

Ride into work on the daily? They’ll even come out to your office for an appointment that fits into your schedule no matter how cramped your day might be. It’s rare you see such a convenient and hassle free service that can perfectly fit into your normal routine. That’s what this mobile bike workshop can offer you whether your at home or at work . We’re impressed! Are you?

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