Ridiculously Rare Rolex Oyster “Paul Newman” Daytona Gold Watch Sold at Auction

Known as “The Legend”, the Rolex Rolex Oyster Paul Newman Daytona Gold Watch was just sold for just over $3.7 million USD on the second day of one of the most important timepiece auctions ever to take place—the Phillips Geneva Watch Auction. This watch was the second most expensive Rolex ever sold publicly. The first was the “Bao Dai”, which we recently featured.

Manufactured in 1969, this yellow gold chronograph is one of just three yellow gold Paul Newman Daytona watches in existence. There is no telling when another will come up for sale. This particular one has been carefully preserved in excellent condition and features the number 6239 stamped on the caseback.

ridiculously gold watch flat

This rare timepiece features a creamy lemon grené dial with contrasting white subdial registers. The Cosmograph signature is slightly serifed. This signifies that the watch was among the first of its kind. The luminous dots are consistent and even. They have aged to a warm yellow tone similar to the dial. There are gold marks beneath the lugs and sharp finishes to the top.

ridiculously gold watch crown

The watch was originally purchased for Paul Newman by his wife, Joanne Woodward. She had the phrase “Drive Carefully, Me” inscribed on the caseback. This unique engraving makes the watch even more appealing.

ridiculously gold watch sub dials hands

It is evident that this is a highly admired watch among collectors. This admiration was seen in the fierce bidding competition that took place for the rare Rolex. An unknown buyer finally purchased the watch after coming out the winner in the intense bidding war.

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