Riese & Muller Delite GT Signature E-Bike

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, German E-Bike makers Riese & Muller have unveiled the electric bike of their dreams. More than that, the GT Signature E-Bike is essentially a culmination of the sphere in general. Accordingly, it pairs the latest in battery technology and suspension with 27.5″ inch wheels, steadfast materials, supremely dynamic components and a streamlined design. Add it all up and you get electric cycling, perfected.

riese muller delite gt signature bike min body

E-Bikes are built to perform and handle more or less any terrain while giving riders an extra push if necessary. For the GT Signature E-Bike, that starts with the inclusion of a trusty Bosch drive system. Bosch is an industry leader and with good reason. Here, they bring a standard DualBattery, which doubles the capacity without affecting the weight, and a Performance CX motor, their most powerful to date. Expect pedal assistance up to 300%, maximum torque of 75 Nm, and “Direct Flow” to give the back wheel a push from speeds of 20 rpm and up.

riese muller delite bike some logo

For materials and components, Riese & Muller aimed for quality and control and hit the bullseye. Specifically, the E-Bike employs a new type of carbon fibre on the handlebar for improved shock absorption. Equally as sturdy are the seatpost and stem, both made of strong, lightweight 3D forged aluminium alloy. The incorporation of FOX Factory Control Technology on the suspension means a smooth ride that stays firmly within your grip. Ultimately, the GT Signature E-Bike is one of the best money can buy, just as Riese & Muller dreamed it would be.

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