Road Trips Will Never Stink with the Road Shower 2

You and your buddies are driving across the outback and hitting up all the best camping spots. By day you cruise and listen to music and at night you sleep under the stars. Everyone should be having the time of their lives but for your two friends in the backseat this trip is becoming the stuff of nightmares. The reason: you stink. You haven’t showered for days. Your deodorant is powerless against the rancid stench accumulating from all the sweat and dirt buried in your armpits, and the wind is smacking your friend’s face with it every time the window is down. By the time the trip is over everyone is nearly at blows over the body odor issue. If only you’d had some kind of portable showering mechanism to keep you clean and smelling fresh for those long car rides.

road shower 2 allows for pressurized water

Well, you do. It’s called the Road Shower 2 and it allows for pressurized water in any scenario. And not just any pressurized water. Clean, hot, highly pressurized water. As if that weren’t enough, the Road Shower 2 also allows you to clean your gear, do the dishes, hose down any pet and you can even drink it if need be. It’s virtually hassle-free with no electrical parts or propane gas accessories. Think of it as indoor plumbing for your car, and the much needed burst of cleanliness that will keep you and your friends on good terms. That’s right, fellas–your road trips will never have to stink again!

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road shower 2 clean hot highly pressurized water

road shower 2 also allows you to clean your gear