Rum Punch – Bundaberg Rum MDC Solera

Australia’s own Bundaberg Distillery unleashed their first batch of rum in 1889 and they’ve been more or less turning the continent onto the spirit ever since. There is no other way to put it: Bundy has mastered the craft of distilling premium rum and their best expressions can easily go toe to toe with whatever whisky or Mezcal you might be sipping on.

To support such a claim look no further than their MDC Solera, a preciously limited pour that will ignite your taste buds in ways you never imagined.

cheers to bundy

The incredibly smooth, rich, and sweet flavour of MDC Solera Rum comes as a result of taking aged dark rum reserves and maturing them in port, bourbon and sweet sherry barrels. That aged dark rum is then blended and aged even more through a signature “solera” process in a special vat that is never more than half empty. That’s like aging upon aging upon aging.

From one taste of MDC Solera you should expect intense notes of vanilla and butterscotch that will linger on the palate and change your perspective on the sipping potential of rum altogether. Of course that’s assuming you can get your hands on a bottle because this rum is rare. In fact MDC Solera is only released after an in-house collective of Master Distillers approve it as being worthy of its name.

If you don’t have big bills to drop on alcohol then maybe you can score a sample at the upcoming Spirit of Bundaberg Festival in mid-October, though something tells us the distillery won’t be doling out such exquisite nectar after putting so much work into its creation. Whatever measures you must take, get some of this wonderful spirit onto your tongue as soon as humanly possible so you can taste what premium rum is all about.

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