RXBAR Is the Protein Bar That Everyone Needs to Have in Their Gym Bag

Most protein bars are little more than glorified candy bars that are full of sugar. That is why you will find the ingredients hidden in small print on the back of the bar. Even if you do find a pair of high-powered reading glasses and decide to tackle the tiny words concealed on the label, you probably won’t really know what the ingredients are anyway. Most are made up of long scientific words that even we admit we are not smart enough to pronounce.

RXBAR is a new protein bar that just hit the market. What makes this bar different than the rest is that its ingredients are boldly listed right on the front of the package. Because RXBARs are packed with healthy ingredients, the company has no shame listing them in plain sight for anyone to see.

Wanting a protein bar that was truly healthy, two Chicago fitness enthusiasts decided to create the RXBAR. Now, their creation is sold in more than 20,000 gyms, fitness studios and retail outlets across the world, including the hugely popular U.S. grocer Trader Joe’s.

Made with six or fewer ingredients, including egg-whites, RXBARs are all-natural. They contain no gluten, soy, added sugar or dairy. All of the ingredients are listed right on the bar so you can feel good about eating it. Available in eight interesting flavors, including Maple Sea Salt and Mint Chocolate, it is hard to eat just one. In addition, the simple, smart packaging is simple and attractive. So, go ahead and throw one in your gym bag today.

Check it out

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