RZR Offers Modern Shaving With a Traditional Touch

RZR’s razor offers a no-nonsense wet shaving system that’s as comfortable and safe as any modern razor with the added style and substance of an old-fashioned razor. RZR foresee a return to the traditional male shaving ritual offered by the old-fashioned safety razors. Despite their craftsmanship, they clearly lag behind on shaving comfort. Current premium quality razor manufacturers miss the mark on authenticity and masculinity by using lubra strips, smoothing polymers and moisturising gel reservoirs. Shaving is a male ritual and should not be interfered by the feminisation of care products. Lubra strips are great……for shaving your legs.

rzr shaving cream razor

RZR combines both beauty and comfort. They designed a unique razor by placing the RZR blade opposite to what you would expect thereby creating a 30 degree angle, without the need for a pivoting head, flexball or any other moving parts. The blades are placed in a safety cage, so they are automatically in the correct position relative to the skin. With the absence of moving parts, the wrist can be freely used as a pivot. This design makes shaving so comfortable that added chemicals and lubricants are redundant.

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