Sake it to Me Baby! – Introducing the Cypress Sake Cup

If you’re looking to add some traditional Japanese flair to the home, try the Cypress Sake Cups from Best Made who aim to empower and inspire with all their wares. Made in Japan from 100% Japanese Cypress, the Sake Cups were crafted to honour evenings spent at the izakaya (local pub). Cookware manufacture Aomori harnessed their unmatched prowess on the wood lathe to make this collaboration happen. Machine-cut and hand-finished, the Cypress Sake Cups carry the lively scent of conifers – a pleasant addition to any sake, gin, or whisky of choice. Branded on the base with Best Made’s favourite toast, “Stay Sharp”, the Cypress Sake Cups are a tribute to impeccable Japanese hospitality. Available in sets of 2, each cup can hold up to 150ml. drink up!

Check it out

cypress sake cup view

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