Samsung Delivers Big with ‘The Wall’ 146-inch 8K Television

You might not be able to use it as a structural element when building your home, but Samsung’s latest TV is aptly dubbed “The Wall.” The TV is based on Samsung’s Cinema Screen technology—this is the same technology used in, you guessed it, movie theaters, but also for those jumbotrons in your favorite sports venue. What Samsung has done is to take that gigantic technology and make it available to the masses. In other words, “The Wall” is massive. It measures in at 146 inches diagonally, roughly 10 feet wide by almost 6 feet tall. Amazed? Just wait. It can get even bigger.

According to Samsung, “The Wall” is modular and has a bezel-less design, making it customisable. Initially it will only be offered in the 146 inch size, but how many walls do you have that are bigger than that? (Samsung already thought that through, by the way – they designed this beast around the average size wall in a US home.)

“The Wall” uses MicroLED technology. This technology is based on millions of micrometer LEDS that are smaller than current LEDs. This technology steps away from the more familiar liquid crystal displays with an LED backlight. “The Wall” is capable of 2,000 nit brightness and can achieve DVI-P3 color.

“The Wall” may not be replacing structural components of your house, but it sure will fill up one of them.

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