The Lifetime Benefits of ‘God Encounter Experiences’ from Psychedelic Trips

“I’ve had some great times on drugs,” said the late, great Bill Hicks, and it’s a shame he’s not around to learn that science is really backing him up on this one.

A study from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, has found that psychedelic trips on drugs such as LSD, DMT and psilocybin mushrooms can have extremely beneficial effects. Even one trip, the researchers discovered, can bring long-term benefits and general satisfaction.

Subjects in the study reported having encounters with God, or with an “Ultimate Reality”, which you can understand would leave a person feeling pretty chuffed. More than two-thirds of subjects who identified as atheist before the study said they no longer identified as atheist afterwards. Positive changes in “life satisfaction, purpose and meaning” were revealed as effects of the trips.

Lead researcher Roland Griffiths said that the findings suggested that “spiritual” experiences like those induced by the drugs could be an effective tool in the treatment of mental health issues.

Of course, the substances in question are still illegal in Australia, and as such remain dangerous to consume for many reasons, but scientific developments like this are always interesting to see, especially as they could help shape future policy.

All this adds up to pretty bad news for the War On Drugs crowd, but really excellent news for a whole bunch of far friendlier and mellower folks. It’s now scientifically proven: you can have some really great times on drugs. Preach it, Bill.