The Science of Scotch – Glenfiddich Experimental Series

The boffins over at Glenfiddich have decided to push the envelope on our understanding of single malt whisky with their Experimental Series – a number of pioneering ventures that offer new variations on the longstanding spirit.

scotch whisky glenfiddich experimental series

The first is the IPA Experiment – a collaboration between Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman and Seb Jones, a craft brewer from Speyside in the UK. They teamed up to create an IPA beer that is then placed into whisky casks to imbue the barrels with a distinctive flavour. The barrels are then used to store a new malt whisky, which pick up what Glenfiddich call ‘the unique zesty citrus notes and subtle tang of fresh hops’ of the IPA and create the world’s first single malt finished in IPA beer casks. It seems a convoluted process, but it combines two of our great loves, namely whisky and craft beer, so it’s two thumbs up in our books.

project xx experiment whisky

The second instalment is Project XX, a group-sourced scotch whisky that saw twenty of the world’s leading scotch experts given free reign of the Glenfiddich distillery in Scotland. Each expert was tasked with selecting a single cask from the warehouse, which were then combined by Kinsman into a single small batch scotch. Glenfiddich are promising more entries in the Experimental Series over the next couple of years and it’s definitely the kind of science we can get behind.

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