Scorpio – Scorpion Vodka

scorpio scorpion vodka bottle

Admit it, we all love vodka. We may have had a few rough nights because of it, but on the rocks or with a chaser, there’s nothing quite like the crisp bite of vodka. Taking that bite thing to heart, Skorppio Vodka is a premium five-times distilled single grain vodka with a real, farm raised scorpion in the bottle.

Now before you freak out, the first vodka in the world to feature a scorpion in the bottle isn’t trying to redefine the term “alcohol poisoning”. The scorpions are not wild, they don’t contain venom and their diets are altered to assure that no harmful substances are present and that they are safe for human consumption – should you choose to go that route. If you want to impress your friends or completely weird them out, order this conversation piece of a liquor in select country stores or online from The House of Drinks.

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