Seedolab is a Self-Sufficient Hydroponic Growing Machine

Like something straight out of an industrious stoner’s wildest fantasies, Seedolab is a home grow box that does all the work for you, from seed to harvest. Consider it the perfect resource for all the marijuana–ahem, flower–enthusiasts out there who love the idea of growing at home, but don’t know the first place to start. Accordingly, Seedolab is touting its revolutionary product as “the first driverless car for hydroponic growing”. Sounds dreamy, indeed.

seedolab hydroponic machine open

In keeping with its effortless vibe, Seedolab’s instruction manual might as well be a one-pager. That is, to use the nifty machine, all you need to do is plug it in, plant a seed or clone, link the box to an app on your mobile device, and harvest when the plant is ready. Inside the compact unit is a unique lighting system, air conditioning, a minerals system and an airtight environment. Suffice to say, your plant will be growing fast and simply loving its digs. Meanwhile, all you need to do is track your plant’s progress on the app and then get back to that Trailer Park Boys binge-watching session you were in the middle of.

seedolab hydroponic machine on the floor

Australia is still figuring some things out in the medicinal and recreational drug laws department, so we can’t outright suggest you pre-order this baby to get your marijuana grow on (unless you’re a licensed grower that is). However, we can say with confidence that Seedolab also works on a range of plants, herbs and flowers, so we’ll just assume that’s what you’re using it for should you pre-order it.

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